[Webinar] The Biggest PR Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Inside the event, Lisa Buyer shares her secrets to the ultimate blend of PR, SEO, and social media optimization (SMO) superpowers. This training event is suitable for all levels, from PR newbies to seasoned PR/marketing professionals, and serves as both a crash course in modern PR as well as a great continuing education tool.

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What To Expect

Why is PR Important?

What is a PR Mindset?

PR Superpowers

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6 Big Mistakes, Easy Fixes

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Reveal: Modern PR Secrets Online Course

Meet Lisa.

Optimization is Lisa Buyer's favorite word. Her Superpowers bring Google and social media into the public relations strategy. Lisa helps clients connect the PR, Social Media, and SEO dots while also educating agencies transitioning from traditional media or just trying to stay in the know with today's best digital strategies. Clients include public and private companies D2D, B2B, and B2C in the technology, real estate, and health/beauty industries as well as marketing and advertising agencies.

She also runs the successful podcasts Social PR Secrets and fulfills her PR for Good side by uplifting women in myriads of industries to spotlight them in her passion project, Female Disruptors.

Lisa lives in Celebration, Florida with her family: Don, Kennedy, Audrey, and Grant. Besides #SocialPR, Lisa's favorite hashtags include #yoga, #surf, and #sunsets.

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navah berg

Navah Berg

"Lisa connects all the dots on how to gain positive exposure for your brand. She curated and connected the ultimate course. Modern PR Secrets combines the latest strategies, technologies, and tactics."

jess rafaeil

Jess Rafaeil

"Lisa has so much knowledge when it comes to Social and PR and the blending of two worlds. She always has her thumb on the pulse of up and coming trends and how to use them to enhance engagement and visibility.."

ric dragon

Ric Dragon

"SEO, influencer marketing and PR are all converging and part of the mix now; perfect timing for Social PR Secrets. Social in public relations needs to go from being a task assigned to the intern or newest employee fresh out of college—and central to the whole agency. No PR professional can afford to be without this."

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